Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Part XXIV: How to Meet Your Local Muslim Neighbors

Part XXIV: How to Meet Your Local Muslim Neighbors
by Abu Daoud
Those of you who have been following our ministry for some time know that we wear many hats. One of those is consultant. Churches and ministries approach us with questions about ministry to Muslims and ask for our advice and help. One of the most common questions is, how do we meet Muslims?

Picture it: you have a group of Christians committed to praying for Muslims, they have studied some of the basics of Islam, have read a couple of books, have listened to some of my world famous lectures *;) winking and they are ready to get to work. And now what? They know there are many Muslims in their city. Where to start?

Each city is different, but here is my basic advice:

1. Shop where they shop: is there an 'international grocery store' or a place that caters to hallal food? Make it a habit of shopping there from time to time. Ask the Spirit to do something surprising before you go in and be expecting him to do it!

2. International Students: are there any ministries that cater to such students? Call your local uni and ask about hosting someone in your home, or at least showing them around town. Get off your butt and call around! You'll be surprised at what you find.

3. English: you speak the international language, and there are many international students and refugees who want to learn it, or who know it and want a conversation partner. Look around on the internet and find out who is doing this in your city and see if you can volunteer. You might now be paired with a Muslim, that is true. But praise God! Buddhists and Hindus need Jesus too.

4. Refugees: so many of the unstable regions in this world today are majority-Muslim: Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, etc. Call your local refugee settlement group and ask if you can help. Follow their rules! If they say you can't evangelize as your volunteer, then don't. But after you are done volunteering, you will have some wonderful friendships where you and your new friends decide what to talk about. 

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Toby Darsom said...

Abu, I'm very perplexed at the bent destruction that is being inflicted against Christians in the Middle East. Sadly, I've noticed that when their destruction and exodus from the Middle East began, that news seemed to just fall on deaf ears in the west. It revealed that we were worlds apart from our Middle Eastern Bros spiritually as well as physically. I think its a combination of factors, one is apathy because we are so wrapped up in ourselves, doctrinal differences whereby we just dismiss others as different people who's practices we view as strange or off ( I believe unity in Jesus should overwhelm any difference) and then our numbness to the inundation of horrible news we see on a daily basis that comes and goes. That said, when destruction began and the manner in which it was so quickly dismissed - the abyss of unchristian apathy was too much to bear.
I have visited middle eastern churches locally and reached out in friendship which is nice, but it pales in comparison to deep seated needs. They like any other group of people, may actually find it rather odd to experience a protestant oriented Christian from a western culture come to their place of worship, but we have to start somewhere. I've given money for various causes to support Middle Eastern Christians and pray on a regular basis about it. My prayer is that our Mid East Bros and Sisters would find sanctuary and begin to flourish and also that their oppressors would come to faith in Christ (What the enemy meant for Evil, God turns for good)