Wednesday, October 5, 2011

St Francis Magazine, Vol 7:4 (October 2011)

Hi All,

Well, the new issue of SFM is out a few days late, but better late than never. I have not read the whole thing yet, but so far there are two articles that are noteworthy I think.

The first is Jeff Morton's harsh review of the missiology and theology of Carl Medearis. I have not personally read Medearis' book Muslims, Christians, and Jesus, but I have heard several people speak highly of it. So it is interesting to find such a critical review of his work. Here it is:


Second, I actually put together a complete bibliography of SFM's first five years. Do check it out. I guarantee you will find some interesting articles that you will want to read. Also, you will most certainly enjoy my intelligent and penetrating insights into the journal's strengths and weaknesses ;-)

St Francis Magazine: A Complete Bibliography of the First Five Years by Abu Daoud

Or by all means, just download the entire issue if you prefer.

--Abu Daoud


Jeff Morton said...

Thanks for the plug on the article. Just wondering if you had time to read Medearis' books yet to see how wrong I might be?

I respectfully disagree that my treatment of Medearis' ideas was harsh. In fact, I tried to find areas of agreement, and I did, as well as keeping the article conversational and light. It was not an ad hominem attack, but I strove vigorously to keep it about his theology and his misguided ideas.

Any thoughts?

Abu Daoud said...

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for taking so long to respond to this, but was glad to recommend your article. Maybe it's from years of living in the Middle East, but harsh in my book does not necessarily mean unkind or unjustified. I did think you were fair.

Have not read the Medearis' book but if you want to post it to my place in the Middle East let me know. It's not easy to get new books out here! (Except for books in Arabic on Islam, those are quite common.)

Please do stay in touch and check out my other blog,

I haven't published anything in SFM in a while, but I find it to be a great journal.

--Abu Daoud